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changing directory on same domain

  • Rick Lewis


    I have a WPMU install with Buddypress and BBPress. It seems to be integrated to the point of the users are shared even though when you leave the WP side the users are not logged in on the BBPress side. I thought they were suppose to be, no?

    That actually isn’t my reason for posting this time but if you have an answer on that please let me know.

    I have the bbpress installed in a directory in the root of my domain – site-forums.

    I would like to change that to just forums.

    I was thinking that would be a simple task by changing the URL in bbpress admin and then changing the directory.

    I noticed I had to then change the bb-config file as it had the path noted as site-forums.

    Doing the changes broke the site altogether. First I couldn’t get to the admin area at all. Then as I got things half back as the bbpress site was nothing but links like a ftp directory in your browser.

    Is there a way I can change the directory and if so, how?

    One last thing to note, when I made the changes the Forums link under community in my main site disappeared. Not sure how that ties into any of this.

    I do have things back to where they were before I made my changes. So it’s sitting at site-forums.

    I appreciate your help.


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