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Changing bbPress CSS using Genesis/Dynamik parent/child theme

  • jason103


    I want to style the bbpress colors, but I am not seeing my changes when I add custom CSS to my Genesis child theme (Dynamik Website Builder).

    It is odd because I am using Firebug to isolate which parameters need to be changed, I can alter them within the firebug window and see them change to what I’d like to happen… then when I put that code in Genesis>Dynamik Custom>CSS (my child theme’s area to add to the CSS) it does not display.

    Things like this have no effect:

    #bbpress-forums div.odd, #bbpress-forums ul.odd {
        background-color: #222222;
    #bbpress-forums div.even, #bbpress-forums ul.even {
        background-color: #444444;

    Any advice?

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  • CravenLovelace


    I’m sorry to see no response to this post, because I am a Genesis/Dynamik user experiencing the same problem.

    Robin W


    try adding ‘!important’ to the changes eg

    #bbpress-forums div.odd, #bbpress-forums ul.odd {
    background-color: #222222 !important;

    to ensure they are not overwritten by later loading



    I did eventually stumble upon the right variable to alter in the CSS. Let me login and I’ll paste in what I ended up with for CSS changes. Doesn’t Eric’s Cobalt Apps/Dynamik-Genesis child theme rule all others? Damn, I love it. Ultimate freedom.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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