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Changing background color on forums listing

  • Zambu


    On the basic downloaded version strater template, the front page lists “latest discussions” and also the “forums”. This listing visually has an line by line alternating background color of very light gray and a pinkish red.

    My question is how do I change these background colors? I would have thought this would be in the css style sheet but I can not find it in there anywhere.

    thanks, thomas

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  • Zambu


    OK, I figured it out finally…you can control the color of these background fields on the front page by changing the color code in the style.css file at these lines:

    .deleted.alt {

    background: #ff9999;


    Of course! “deleted.alt”…so obvious of a name for this option in the style sheets…why didn’t I think of this 9 hours ago! ;-)

    The red only applies to deleted topics, as the CSS class you found suggests.



    Actually, that’s what I assumed also by the name “deleted.alt”…but I could not find anywhere else to adjust the colors on the front page “latest topics” and “forums” list, so finally i changed the color number for “deleted.alt” and lo and behold, the colors on the front page also changed.

    Of course, the topics and forums on the front page are NOT deleted ones, so I guess this variable is shared somehow within the script (I assume it is shared by accident, hence the misleading title “deleted.alt”.)

    It appears to be an IE6 / CSS issue. The class works properly in Firefox, but as the original post notes, IE picks up the deleted.alt class as the alternate background color for listed forums, topics, and posts.

    I don’t believe IE6 recognizes hover attributes for anything but <a> elements. Someone with good CSS skills probably knows a hack.

    I also had this issue noticed by a user of my forum running IE6. I changed the code as said above and he reported the pink gone. The screenshot he sent doesn’t show alternating grey and white topics/forums as my screen shows (I’m running firefox). It’s all solid white.

    Has anyone been able to further address this issue with IE6?



    Hi guys,

    Up until a couple of weeks ago every other post on the main page of my forum had a really nice blue background so as to make the posts stand out and look more separate. It has suddenly stopped doing this and now all the posts have a white background. I have updated all my plugins but this has still not resolved the issue. Can you please help me get the blue backgrounds back. I have been to the page and the coding in relation to the forum is below, should there be something else?

    3. FORUM

    #content table tbody tr.odd td {
    background-color:#dldcf9 !important;




Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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