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Changin bbPress Language

  • Daniel.Haugen


    Hi, I’ve searched around the web for some hours now and hopefully I’ll get the correct answer from you.

    I need to translate the plugin bbPress into Norwegian, I’ve fetched the translation from and made sure every string is there with the .po editing software Poedit. I’ve downloaded both .po and .mo file for the Norwegian translation.

    Norwegian is activated generally as WordPress language already.

    So the problem is the localization and naming of the files, I’ve tried different directories and names:
    wp-content/languages/bbpress-nb_NO.po and .mo
    wp-content/languages/bbpress-nb.po and .mo
    wp-content/languages/bbPress/bbpress-nb_NO.po and .mo
    wp-content/languages/bbPress/bbpress-nb.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-nb_NO.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-nb.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-langauge-nb_NO.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-langauge-nb.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-plugin-nb.po and .mo
    wp-content/plugins/bbPress/languages/bbpress-plugin-nb_NO.po and .mo

    None of them seems to work, what is the correct localization and naming?

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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