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Change Url Structure (searched but no sollutions)?

  • Klaas Koopman


    Hi All,

    I am working on bbpress on my new site, so it works together with buddypress. But I really hate the way the url structure looks on the forum.

    now it’s forums/forum/test and I changed that already to forum/subject

    But now when I look at a topic, it’s /topic/post instead of forum/subject/post.

    Any way to fix this? I did find some guys talk about a nicer permalinks plugin, but when I click that link I keep getting back to a post about it on this forum…

    I got the latest install of wordpress, buddypress bbpress

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  • realhood


    the same problem puzzle me,and I have another problem,the url also,

    my language is Chinese and the forum(or topic) link contain the topic title,the title word is Chinese ,when I share my webpage link to my friend ,it looks ugly


    so I find  a plugin called custom-post-type-permalinks ,but working only when admin login,huge also.

    no way?yes,I can’t write a “RewriteRule” in the .htaccess.

    anybudy help me? help unEnglish World?

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