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Change Sub-Sub Forum list

  • jimandms


    Ok everyone I have searched and tried everything I have found but it all seems to be for subforums.

    My problem: I have categories set up and then my forums are sub forums under that.

    I have one forum that I have sub-subs under. These show as a list like forum1,forum2, forum3…

    I would like the sub-subs to display like

    I have the latest version of bbpress and haven’t found anything in there. I have also tried the plugins that others have suggested and they were no help either.

    You can see how my forum is set up in the pic. The big list I would much rather have look like the rest of the forum but just be indented some.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Chuckie


    Gd toolbox does it but is not free.

    Not ideal but I edited the description for the parent forum and added manual links.

    I am kind of annoyed with myself because I figured it is not hard to use the right sql query to build a HTML snippet in php and put it in the right place.

    But I don’t know what hook to use and I don’t know enough about the database structure to build the sql query.

    If I could be put in the right direction I might be able to knock up the php needed.

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