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change forum header text

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    In the French version of bbpress (the latest version), I want to change the header “Participants” (it’s “Voices” in the English version) to “Voix”. Could someone tell me how to do that please ?

    Now, I’ve spend a lot of time researching and trying different things from CSS to PHP and I’ve gone back removed all the changes because nothing has worked so far. And I wanted to get things ready for any suggestions you guys might be able to supply. I am using DIVI 3 theme and builder.

    For info, I have removed the side bar from the forum, and that is the only customization of bbpress I’ve left in place. I used custom CSS i found on this forum.

    I’d appreciate knowing what to change and were to change it. I’m a beginner so I’d need fairly basic instructions, but I know where to put CSS into the Divi theme, and I know how to go into the PHP and how to create a child theme.

    thanks in advance
    best regards

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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