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Change color in header

  • I use the Kakumei theme in bbPress 1.0.1. The forum is linked to a web site and I want to use the same colors, light green #ccff99 and dark green #003300 for the forum. I managed to change most but cannot change the header. As can be seen at What part of style.css that direct the color of the header I do not understand. Please help!

    I tried to use the Webe Developer add on for Firefox and when I chose CSS-> Edit CSS there I saw a version of the page as I want it but I cannot understand how to get there!

    If some bbPress guru would take an hour and write down and share with us all I am sure more beginners than myself would be very grateful for a list of where in style.css you change to get the colors you want.

    I looked at the Kakumei Blue but did not understand how to make a correspondent file for green or brown or other colors. I suspect this would be easy to write if you know how to. Please do if you can!

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  • Arturo


    the grey header in kakumei is an image “page_header_tile.png” change this image with your color or modify the image with your own.

    Thank you Arturo, it worked well.

    I have another small problem. When displaying posts I also get a RSS-symbol with the letter “d” after it. I like to get rid of both or change “d” to an explanation of the symbol. See How can I do that?



    u’re welcome Goran,

    I don’t see any “d” after the feed icon… i think is a typo on the translation or in the theme…. but if i don’t see it i can’t help you sorry…

    Thank you Arturo for the effort. The problem with the “d” was in the .mo file and I changed that yesterday, thanks to other helpful people in this forum.

    How did you know how to help me with the for me unknown picture in the header? How should I have thought to find it myself?

    I find the structure of bbPress hard to understand. I would like to see a picture of the start page and explanations for where in which file the different elements are defined. Anyone interested in trying to create such a picture?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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