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change bbpress forum layout same as theme

  • duwg


    feel like this forum is a bit of false advertising 🙂 because the default setup looks nothing like

    does anyone know how to get their bbpress layout too look more like and

    I mean the Forum home page shows recent topics/discussion on the right hand side and Category on the left hand side more like Vanilla forum

    default bbpress setup is a forum style home page show category first

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  • Robin W


    You can build your forum to look however you like, many would complain if this was the only way you could show your forum.

    The basic look of the forum is generally determined by your theme, and dependent in theme how you use sidebars.

    The widgets on the left are available either in the default bbpress plugin or in

    bbp style pack

    which will let you style bbpress and add lots of features.

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