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change bbpress default theme

  • PascalKroeze


    Hi guys,

    In the passed I created a website with bbpress.
    The default bbpress theme was horrible bad readable.
    So I found a way to change the theme so it would match my wordpress theme.
    After update the theme got reset to the default bbpress theme again.

    Now I have created a new wordpress website.
    I stumble at the same problem again.

    Is there something simple how I can change the bbpress theme (user friendly)
    I have been reading forums and this is really giving me an headache, all solution are based on editing files, creating child theme ccs files etc etc, all complicated stuff.

    There must be something user friendly to change the default bbpress theme right?
    Is does not have to match my wordpress theme, if I can just select something different that would be great.

    Friendly regards,


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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