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Change background/container colors

  • Momshof


    Hi. I am hoping someone can assist me with this request.

    I have installed BBPress and have created forums for my site.

    My background is dark on every page of the site, but I want to make the forums (once you drill down into a specific forum page & topics index page & replies page) white.

    The problem I am having is that these pages are not actual pages – I have no idea where they are. I thought I would find them in my pages but the only thing there is the Forum page I created and inserted the BBPress forum shortcode.

    I tried using the following code in the Divi Theme options & it worked; however, it changed all my backgrounds in all my other pages that I do not want touched :

    For these types of pages :
    1. … community/
    2. … ic-2-test/

    /*BBPress each indiv forum background – drill down 1*/
    #main-content .container {
    background: #ffffff !important

    /*BBPress each topic/reply background – drill down 2*/
    #main-content {
    background: #ffffff !important

    Thanks so much for any assistance you can provide.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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