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Capabilities issues

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    According to codex Moderators should be able to publish and edit forums.

    This seems to be a bug cause they can’t. I’ve been reading a bunch of topics now and it seems like this has been a bug for more than FOUR YEARS. Why hasn’t codex been updated??

    I’ve seen hints pointing out that moderators can actualy publish forums on front end with shortcode [bbp-forum-form] – this works but they can still not edit forums.

    I’ve tried to edit the keymaster role and disable access to global forum settings but this didn’t work. There are a bunch of capabilities for every single action of bbpress. And then there is on huge capability for a monster amount of actions. This capability is keep_gate. When I disabled that for the keymaster role I managed to disable acces to global forum settings but acces to publish and edit forums was also disabled.

    I want to achieve a role that has ALL the keymaster capabilities except from access to admin pages bbpress (global forum settings) and bbp-repair.

    Is there anyway to do this?


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    Even more. On front end moderators can only publish forums inside child forums.

    Can NOT

    1) Publish forum on parent level
    2) Publish forum on child level directly below parent level.

    Can only

    1) Publish forum on grandchild level (inside a child forum thats sits inside a parent forum)

    Is that as expected or maybe a bug?

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