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Can't view any profiles- returning error

  • hi there guys,

    i’m using a rockettheme wordpress template and seem to be having issues with the beta 2 profile pages. whenever i click a username on the forums to visit the bbpress profile page of that user, it is a completely unformatted page consisting of:



    About Us

    Page 3

    Page 4



    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_query_type() in /wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/gantrybodylayout.class.php on line 94

    I don’t know what to do. That’s all that appears on the page. That first “>” is indicating to me that there’s something wrong in a code somewhere, maybe thats an extra “>” or there’s another missing “>” or something. im not too experienced with php or wordpress, but im comfortable editing it if given instructions. if anybody could help me on this issue, i would be extremely grateful – i’ve been trying to fix it for a few days now.

    thanks, i hope somebody can lend a helping hand!

    (by the way, this exact same thing happens, with the same error too, when i click ‘EDIT’ to edit a post other than the first post in a topic.)

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  • ok i think i found a way to get the page formatted again. i edited some lines in the gantrybodylayout.class.php file and it shows the page formatted now.

    BBUUUUTTTT, it doesnt show anything on the page. it shows a page alright, but theres no content on the profile page. like none at all. no username, no details about the user etc. :(

    I am having the same issue. You manage to figure out anything to fix it rayv? Right now it’s just an annoyance, but would like to get it fixed. I already had people using the forum before I noticed it and would rather not have to convert the content to something else.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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