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Can’t Switch Themes in 0.8.1

  • I can’t use a custom these after upgrading to 0.8.1.

    Under the presentation tab it lists my custom theme, but with this URL:

    http:// theme=C:\WWW\PUBLIC\ bb-templates/mytheme/&_wpnonce=36ec0251eb

    How can I eliminate the extra slashes and the reference to the absolute path?

    The default theme is working, and it works great, but I’d like to be able to use my custom theme again!

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  • Aren’t themes meant to be in the /my-templates folder? Not sure if it’s necessary.

    As a temporary fix, you could right-click the link, select Copy Link Location, paste it into your URL and just change the path so it links to your theme. Might be worth a try :)

    I deleted all the theme files, and uploaded mytheme to /my-templates/mytheme/

    I was unable to select mytheme from the presentation tab as it still listed the absolute path in the middle of the URL with extra slashes:

    http:// theme=C:\WWW\PUBLIC\ my-templates/mytheme/&_wpnonce=36ec0251eb

    I had to reload the kakumei folder to /bb-templates/kakumei to get the site working agin. The kakumei theme is now listed under the presentation tab as the current theme.

    Are you using xampp? I’ve no experience with that whatsoever, but since it’s a path on your hard drive it seems that way to me. I’ve seen a few people say they’ve had problems using bbPress with that, and someone rightly point out that if you test on xampp you’ll get a bunch of errors you wouldn’t get on a server and miss the ones you would get.

    I’ve personally had no problems on my server, and if you already have hosting and an unused or wordpress db then there probably isn’t any harm in just testing it on the server. :)

    Edit: err – hehe …

    I’m not using xampp. The site is on a Windows server.

    I wish I could help here, but I haven’t even installed on Windows server. What is the operating system is it 2003 server or advanced server or what is it?


    It’s on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

    In the config file, I have it set to:

    $bb->domain = '';

    Above though it calls before the absolute path and after the path.

    OK. Looking in the database tables in bb_topicmeta from bb_active_theme the value is

    I have no idea how this value got there, or if I might have other problems elsewhere. What should this value be?

    I changed the value of bb_active_theme in the database to:


    However, when I refresh the admin > presentation page in a browser the it reverts back to:

    No Luck. Between this and the Bozo problem I just ended up reverting to .74. My theme works again, but people flagged as Bozos are not hidden from general view. No problem, I’ll just delete them and wait for 1.0!

    The bozo problem has a fix now, so if you can get your theme sorted you’re set.

    I have the same trouble. Also running with Apache2 & PHP5 on Windows Server 2003.

    With version 0.8.1 I am not able to choose the Kakumei theme. Because the theme path is set to a local path in the server:


    Thinking that this may be because of bad config values in the database I tried this:


    And I am asked if I am sure I want to switch themes… I answer Yes and then I get the “Theme not found. Default theme applied.” again.

    Any ideas?



    Try this thread:

    It might be a localhost issue with the backslashes. There is a plugin I reference in there that might help.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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