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Can’t see user profiles

  • I’ve just installed bbPress 0.8.3 in /forums/ in WordPress 2.3, but when I click on a user name or profile to inspect or edit, I’m taken back to the front page of the blog.

    Hovering over the link shows [blog URL]/forums/profile/[user name]. Hovering over the Edit link gives [blog URL]/forums/profile/[user name]/edit.

    Other than that, it seems to be working, although I haven’t tested it fully.

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  • Further to the above, that behavior was from the admin users page of the dashboard.

    I also can’t get into any of the topics on the forum itself. Clicking these and also any tags sends me back to the front page of the blog. The URL indicated in the status line of the web browser shows links to non-existent /forums/forum/[slug], /forums/topics/[slug] and forums/tags/[slug] links that simply don’t exist as files in directories.

    Looks like it isn’t doing any of the magic stuff to look up the appropriate bb_ tables in the wordpress database, which exist and seem to be OK.

    It worked for wp 2.2.2 and bb 0.8.2.

    Oops! Forgot the .htaccess file! Now it works….


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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