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Can’t see topics and posts in admin

  • I have a new bbpress forum integrated with WordPress 2.5.

    I have 2 topics and 2 posts so far. However ,when I go into the admin panel and click on Manage and Topics and/or Posts there is nothing listed. It looks fine on the Forums page but nothing under Topics and Posts.

    Why is that? How do I fix it?


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  • chrishajer


    You don’t manage topics or posts from the admin. When logged in as administrator (keymaster) you just edit the topic at the bottom of the page, or individual replies are editable with the “edit” link beneath the reply.

    Look there, not at the admin. The only thing that will show up in the admin are moderated replies or topics, things you’ve deleted usually.

    Why are there submenus and tables for it in the admin then if it’s not possible?



    I’m sorry, what are you seeing in the admin and what do you expect to see?

    My experience is that in the admin, you will only see moderated topics (usually deleted ones.) That’s why there are tables and submenus. It’s much simpler than that though when you need to edit or moderate a reply or topic. You can do it while viewing the topic while logged in as keymaster. What are you unable to do?



    Edit link was for a short while, but soon disappeared. Can I as an author of my topic edit or delete it?

    No. You must be a Key Master to edit or delete a topic. The edit link went away because you can only edit the post for a certain ammount of time after posting.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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