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can’t receive the password letter!!!!!!!!

  • when i try to register a new member, i cant receive the password from email….

    also, when i want to recover a password, i cant receive it too….

    someone can help??????thanks a lot!!!!!!

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  • This sounds like a problem with your host. Contact them and ask them if they have disabled PHP’s mail function.


    they said that the SMTP serve is not allowd to me (im using a free host plan from awardspace)

    someone suggest to me a free PHP host with that SMTP thing?????

    another idea: why not allowd all user to using bbpress forums? i mean, you dont have to register to send a topic..

    Here below is the workable method for the purpose of trying bbpress. To hide the mail() function code and then add a echo() to show the password on-screen. Like below…


    echo (‘Your Password:’ . “$pass”);


    mail( bb_get_user_email( $user->ID ), bb_get_option(‘name’) . ‘: ‘ . __(‘Password’),

    sprintf( $message, “$user->user_login”, “$pass”, bb_get_option(‘uri’) ),

    ‘From: ‘ . bb_get_option(‘admin_email’)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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