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Can't move my forum up or down

  • penny777


    I am using the latest versions of wordpress and bbpress. After I installed my bbpress, created categories and forum and created a link to the index it won’t move up or down. I click on the link and it takes my to a page that doesn’t have a bbpress sidebar but it has a wordpress sidebar. I can’t move up or down in my forum. I read somewhere that my theme may not be compatible with bbpress WP Tweaks. Also, not all of my forum is showing. Where it say freshness is being squeezed to the left of my screen. How can I get all of my forum to show up on one page,how can I get my forum to move up and down and is there a way to have my forum show up in a separate window or page. In otherwords, I don’t want my wordpress sidebar to show up on my bbpress forum page.

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