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Can't login after install

  • I installed bbPress into my blog earlier today. I went back edit content on the blog itself, thus logging back into the blog – and am unable to do so. I’d like to uninstall/reinstall, but can’t because I can’t gain access to the admin side of my site.

    I need help with this. Thanks.

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  • i have the same prob help me

    What version of bbPress?

    I can’t get into my admin section to verify, but I believe it was 2.02.

    Rename your plugins folder – wp-content/plugins/ to something else, like plugins-backup.

    Then try logging in. Renaming the folder will deactivate all plugins on your site.

    I can’t access the plugin folder because I can’t access the back end of my site.

    If you can’t login to your site via FTP/SFTP then you need to contact your web host as there is a bigger problem around here :

    So I went into my ftp, I renamed my plugin folder, tried logging in and still have no luck. This was clearly a mistake.

    Does the site homepage still come up OK? Do you get a white screen? Do you get an error message? Does /wp-admin/ still give you the WordPress login screen? What is your URL?

    Simply saying it’s broken doesn’t really help us point you in the right direction ;)

    Homepage – yes. No white screen. The site is still up. I login, and then jump to the home page. There are no error messages, just redirection.

    Sorry – URL:


    I looked back at my ftp again. There is a secondary wp-content file that contains a secondary plugin file – and bbPress is in it. Do you suggest I delete those? Or should I rename the plugin file? It would make sense to delete it, but not sure that would remedy the problem. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Traci

    You can delete it and see if that helps, that will deactivate bbPress.

    Right now it seems it is still active by looking at

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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