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Can't install

  • charlie_the_cat


    I would love to have bbPress on our site no matter what I try, it will not install. I get the bbPress installer and Step – Database configuration. I enter the Database name, User name and Password but every time I get the message ‘There was a problem connecting to the database you specified.

    Please check the settings, then try again.’

    I have tried just about every possible permutation of possible names but no matter what I try, it doesn’t make any difference. I have searched these forums but nothing seems to cover my particular problem. It is a MYSQL database newly created (I have destroyed several to see if that made any difference).

    Anybody have any ideas please?

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  • chrishajer


    You don’t have the database details correct. Maybe you need to add a database host name. When you are installing, on the page that asks for the database name, username and password, there is a checkbox that says “show advanced details” or something like that. If you click that, you will be able to change the host name from localhost to your host. If you’re database is actually on the same server and localhost is correct, then one of your other details is incorrect.

    What details did your host give you for the database connection (is there a host name there?) Also, what host are you with?

    My bet is you need to enter the hostname, but you don’t even see the place to do that until you click the box.



    Hi Chris

    You cannot believe how many different permutations I tried, including populating that field but this time you gave me clue and host name it was.

    Very many thanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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