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Can’t import phpbb 3.2.0

  • jh20001


    I finally had enough with phpbb and installed a wordpress JUST for my forums. I installed bbpress in it and have been trying to import the forums over. First it kept erroring saying missing table fields or whatever, so I kept adding the table fields to the areas of the phpbb’s sql DB where it was looking for them..then it got stuck with the “Starting Conversion” and a spinning wheel. Everytime I had chosen “Start Over” I would get the “Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes” error. Just not my day I guess. 🙁

    I had a few questions…

    1) Does the importer not support 3.2.0? I figured it does by now since it states phpBB 3.x
    2) Can you make the main index page of the WordPress site the forums? This way the wordpress is for nothing other than the forums? (once things do get working…)
    3) Am I missing anything lol…I’m rackin my mind on this and it’s driving me nuts 🙂

    I can’t wait to be in a better environment for the forums…

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  • jh20001


    I also think the many attempts to import, find an error, add the column, import, find an error, add the column…..etc, led to bbpress having a meltdown somewhere possibly as in WordPress, when you click on the forums link in the menu or the “All Forums” sub menu item, it leads to a ERROR 502 – BAD GATEWAY.

    I tried re-installing the plugin but the forums listing menu item is shot. I even upgraded to the current release candidate.

    On a positive note, the current release candidate seems to be importing data….working on importing up to convert 50k+ topics right now. Even though the forum listing in admin screen is screwed, this is at least a good test to see what happens on the import I guess…



    Hi all.
    After a lot of testings and experiments in order to get the board running with all the same functionalities I had before in 3.0.14, I tried to install a clean version of 3.20, then install the extensions needed. The tentative was successful so I decided to follow this way to bring my old board to the new version in production mode.
    The problem is related to the data migration from 3.0 to 3.2.
    I’ve managed to export the old data from a clean 3.0.x DB (without any mod installed) and then import them in the new, empty 3.2 DB, but the two structures differ a lot, giving me many errors.
    I’ve tried to manage those errors, but editing a 150MB SQL file it’s a huge waste of time.
    I’ve looked for a routine in the php migration code present in the install subdir, but I didn’t find anything usable in a easy way.
    Has anyone met the same problem and is there anybody that could give me a draft solution?
    Thanks in advance.

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