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Can't go to next page

  • when i click on link to apge 2 i became a error “site not found”. i try anything what i can but i find no way to go to page 2.

    have anybody an idea or have the same problem?

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  • oh men it is tricky.

    when i resave permalinsk it works but then dont works the link to threads. when i resaved again the permalinks the thread works but the next page button dont works.

    this bug is very time.

    when thread linsk works the page 2 button give me a site not found error and when page 2 button works the thread linskmgive me a page not found error.

    whatever i try only one works.

    when i resave permalinks it works but then works the other link not.

    when page 2 link work the thread-link dont work and when thread link work the page 2 link dont work.

    please fix this.

    ok i find the bug.

    when you deactivate the forum präfix the links dont work correctly. you must use the forum slugs.

    but then i have again the “%area%” in Site-Title. any idea how can i delete the %area% from site title in browser?

    mhhhh after 100 clicks on links, save, resave, again etc. now it works fine… without the slugs.

    but normal is this not. please fix it.

    John James Jacoby


    @Mike1233 – I edited the swearing out of your post. That’s not a great way to get help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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