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Can’t find where to customize element

  • jstuts5797


    Hey there guys… there is a specific element on my bbpress forum that I need to customise and I’ve been through the style crib, the bbpress style sheet, and even the bbpress style pack plugin and can’t sem to find in the code anywhere that will help me customize this element. I have a screen shot but now I realize I can’t use screen shots here. The element is the Reply To: element. I know how to make it non transparent… but I can’t figure out where to set that text color at all. The actual text “Reply To” needs to be a different color so it can be seen. I also think there is a glitch in the boarder as well. Any help would be awesome. Here is a link to my screenshot: you’ll see my issue in the bottom portion. Thanks again for all your help!

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  • jagdishtechnostacks


    So, you main issues is, you can’t change styles for “Reply To: element.” ??
    If this is the issue, you can check their css, and make your custom css and add it into your theme’s css file

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