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Can’t find users in search function when they don’t have post already

  • Hi … my problem is that the search function does not find any user names when the user have not posted yet. Is it possible to modify the search function that I can get an positive result?

    Thank you for your help – anywhen

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  • chrishajer


    Does the search function search the user table at all? I don’t seem to get any “matching users” results.

    I think the search function search only “recent post” and “overall post” – so it is impossible to find users who do not have post already. But where can I customize what fields the search function should analyse?

    When ever a user have post a message the search function gives result of his username in a search …

    I want to try to explain a little bit more: I looked at the tables in the MySQL Database (bbpress only install – not WP integration) – in the table “bb_users” are some fields like “user_login”, “user_nicename” and many more …

    My problem is that the search function does not give me any results if I search for a user name (user_login) or for example “user_nicename” – and at this time I think it is unrelevant if the user have post something or not. Seams that this fields are not in the search include only the topic or the content of a post is relevant for the search function …

    My question is: How can I modify the search that these fields are also relevant for the search?

    Thank you very much for help …



    Unfortunately the search feature in bbPress is very poor. It can’t be (easily) modified like you are asking.

    I’ve been working on a search replacement but it won’t be released for awhile:

    Note that you can see all posts by a user in their profile.

    O.K … thank you for your information … I’ve searched a lot and try to modify for myself the search function … but as you say it is not simple to do … so I hope for the future ;) – Thank you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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