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Can't find the profile page in the WP backend

  • nishantkashyap23


    I installed bbpress on my website and while I get the forums on my backend, I do not see any backend menu for the bbp user profiles (all I have is the default WP user profile) – is that how it is suppose to work? Are users suppose to just edit their profiles from the front end only? Also, if I just want to use the default wp profiles for the forum how do I do that? Further, how do I disable links to the user/author profile in the forums? (Sorry if the questions seem to too naive, I am a WP/BBP newbie)

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  • Robin W


    Think that’s pretty well how it was intended, and agree that some bits could be clearer.

    If a user clicks their avatar they will be taken to their profile and can amend it.

    I have downloaded the enhanced text widget

    and then I have a text entry of

    <p><a href="<?php bbp_user_profile_url( bbp_get_current_user_id() ); ?>edit" >Amend Profile/Change password</a></p>

    in my widget sidebar to make it obvious for users.

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