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Can’t find options to setup bbPress

  • kravmagaspecialist


    I’ve downloaded the bbPress plugin ( 2.5.10), after installing it and activating it, I do not see anywhere on the WordPress dashboard where it shows up.

    When trying to go to the bbPress About link by clickingon the WordPress icon in my dashboard, it loads a page that says “Sorry, You are not allowed to access the page”.

    So I went under the Users section to ensure that the Owner is a Keymaster.

    I’ve also go in and deactivated all my plugins to see if it works, but nothing has fixed.

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  • gerhardjvr


    I have the same issue… Immediately after I try to activate the bbPress pluging, I’m redirected to a page the says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”. I have to use the browser’s ‘back’ button to get back to the WordPress dashboard.

    When I check in ‘Users’, I notice that I (Administrator) now has a new credential ‘Administrator, Keymaster’ and there is now a new column, called ‘Forum’, where the new role ‘Keymaster’ has also been assigned to me.

    However, I do not see the ‘Forum’ item anywhere in the sidebar or top bar, nor in the Settings or Tools items.

    What’s up?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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