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Can't Edit Replies

  • rklockner


    The setup:
    1 site that is a WordPress/bbPress Forum site.
    1 site that is a pay (non-Wordpress) forum site that is answered by industry professionals.

    When a question is answered by a pro in the pay site, I run a series of insert statements that adds the topic/reply to the WordPress site.

    All works as planned with one exception. I can’t edit any of the replies (I can edit topics).

    When I click to edit the reply, it brings up the page to edit. I make the desired change and hit Post. It takes me right back to the same edit page with my changes still in tact. However, as soon as you leave the page and attempt to view the changes in the forum, all work has been lost.

    I should also note that I did not build the WordPress site, so I don’t know if there are any errors being suppressed, or some other scenario (I don’t know where I would turn these on either).

    Any thoughts?

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