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Can’t delete spam posts; anonymous posts although turned off

  • TeqToo


    I recently had an attack on my forum where almost 14,000 posts were made in rapid succession, all with oriental characters. This wasn’t my main forum, but a secondary forum, so the contents isn’t super-important, although I’d like to preserve it if possible.

    I’ve tried sending the offending topics to trash, but there are at this point 11,000 of them, and every time I try to delete even 100 using the Bulk actions, I get a Resource limit message with a 503 or 505 error. I can’t possibly delete the topics one at a time! I’ve tried sending the entire forum to trash, but I get the same thing.

    In addition, I don’t understand how there could be topics started by Anonymous, when in my forum settings I have that ability UNchecked. After the attack, I upped the flood control settings to 90 seconds, and closed that forum, but I still don’t understand how they got in to do all that!

    I’m on bbPress 2.6.6, WordPress 5.8.1, and the site is The forum where the bogus posts are located is the second one listed, Soup to Nuts forum.

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