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Can't change forum's index meta title

  • saulmarq


    Hello. This plugin has given me just about everything I need thus far. However, I want to change the meta title on my forum’s index page to something along the lines of:

    YA Book Forum | 7th Page Community

    However, right now it only says “Forums”

    This only applies to the front page/index page of the forums. The other pages in the forums display the specific forum/topic’s titles and that’s perfect. But how do I change “Forums” to a custom title?

    I changed the name of the page that the forums are on to YA Book Forum and while that changed the title on the top, it didn’t change the meta title. I also tried to customize the meta title with my SEO plugin but that didn’t work either. I even went in and edited the template’s header and it still came up as “Forums.”

    Anyway to fix this?

    My forum is at:

    Thank you!

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  • Robin W


    I think I understand

    go into dashboard>settings>forums and change the slugs for forum root and single forum root. that will change the url

    If you want to change the breadcrumb, then see

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    you can also set

    ‘home_text’ , ‘root_text’ and ‘current_text’

    using this code

    If that’s not what you are after – come back !



    Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to help.

    I should have been more clear because that’s not what I was looking for. 🙂

    Also, I’ve since changed the address of my forum:

    So this is how it’s setup:
    Forum Slug is set to Community and I have created a page called Community. After I made the page called Community, I renamed the title to YA Book Forum. So now it’s a page with the permalink but titled YA Book Forum. The title YA Book Forum appears as the title at the top of the page–so that’s all good.

    However, the title in the browser’s tab/window still says Forums. When you view the page’s source, you’ll see that the title’s tag is: <title>Forums</title>

    I want the name YA Book Forum to appear there, not Forums.

    I hope that makes more sense? It’s showing up in the browser’s tab. Thanks!

    Robin W


    ok, I can see that – don’t know how you would fix – sorry ! Hopefully someone who can will be along

    Robin W


    ok, the answer is somewhere in this function

    function bbp_title( $title = '', $sep = '&raquo;', $seplocation = '' ) {
    	// Title array
    	$new_title = array();
    	/** Archives **************************************************************/
    	// Forum Archive
    	if ( bbp_is_forum_archive() ) {
    		$new_title['text'] = bbp_get_forum_archive_title();
    	// Topic Archive
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_topic_archive() ) {
    		$new_title['text'] = bbp_get_topic_archive_title();
    	/** Edit ******************************************************************/
    	// Forum edit page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_forum_edit() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_forum_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Forum Edit: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	// Topic edit page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_topic_edit() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_topic_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Topic Edit: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	// Reply edit page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_reply_edit() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_reply_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Reply Edit: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	// Topic tag edit page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_topic_tag_edit() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_topic_tag_name();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Topic Tag Edit: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	/** Singles ***************************************************************/
    	// Forum page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_forum() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_forum_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Forum: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	// Topic page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_topic() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_topic_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Topic: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	// Replies
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_reply() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_reply_title();
    	// Topic tag page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_topic_tag() || get_query_var( 'bbp_topic_tag' ) ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_topic_tag_name();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'Topic Tag: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	/** Users *****************************************************************/
    	// Profile page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_user() ) {
    		// User is viewing their own profile
    		if ( bbp_is_user_home() ) {
    			$new_title['text'] = esc_attr_x( 'Your', 'User viewing his/her own profile', 'bbpress' );
    		// User is viewing someone else's profile (so use their display name)
    		} else {
    			$new_title['text'] = sprintf( esc_attr_x( "%s's", 'User viewing another users profile', 'bbpress' ), get_userdata( bbp_get_user_id() )->display_name );
    		// User topics created
    		if ( bbp_is_single_user_topics() ) {
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Topics",        'bbpress' );
    		// User rueplies created
    		} elseif ( bbp_is_single_user_replies() ) {
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Replies",       'bbpress' );
    		// User favorites
    		} elseif ( bbp_is_favorites() ) {
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Favorites",     'bbpress' );
    		// User subscriptions
    		} elseif ( bbp_is_subscriptions() ) {
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Subscriptions", 'bbpress' );
    		// User "home"
    		} else {
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Profile",       'bbpress' );
    	// Profile edit page
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_user_edit() ) {
    		// Current user
    		if ( bbp_is_user_home_edit() ) {
    			$new_title['text']   = esc_attr__( 'Edit Your Profile', 'bbpress' );
    		// Other user
    		} else {
    			$new_title['text']   = get_userdata( bbp_get_user_id() )->display_name;
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "Edit %s's Profile", 'bbpress' );
    	/** Views *****************************************************************/
    	// Views
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_single_view() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = bbp_get_view_title();
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'View: %s', 'bbpress' );
    	/** Search ****************************************************************/
    	// Search
    	} elseif ( bbp_is_search() ) {
    		$new_title['text'] = bbp_get_search_title();
    	// This filter is deprecated. Use 'bbp_before_title_parse_args' instead.
    	$new_title = apply_filters( 'bbp_raw_title_array', $new_title );
    	// Set title array defaults
    	$new_title = bbp_parse_args( $new_title, array(
    		'text'   => $title,
    		'format' => '%s'
    	), 'title' );
    	// Get the formatted raw title
    	$new_title = sprintf( $new_title['format'], $new_title['text'] );
    	// Filter the raw title
    	$new_title = apply_filters( 'bbp_raw_title', $new_title, $sep, $seplocation );
    	// Compare new title with original title
    	if ( $new_title === $title )
    		return $title;
    	// Temporary separator, for accurate flipping, if necessary
    	$t_sep  = '%WP_TITILE_SEP%';
    	$prefix = '';
    	if ( !empty( $new_title ) )
    		$prefix = " $sep ";
    	// sep on right, so reverse the order
    	if ( 'right' === $seplocation ) {
    		$new_title_array = array_reverse( explode( $t_sep, $new_title ) );
    		$new_title       = implode( " $sep ", $new_title_array ) . $prefix;
    	// sep on left, do not reverse
    	} else {
    		$new_title_array = explode( $t_sep, $new_title );
    		$new_title       = $prefix . implode( " $sep ", $new_title_array );
    	// Filter and return
    	return apply_filters( 'bbp_title', $new_title, $sep, $seplocation );

    a filter such as

    function amend_title () {
    	if ( bbp_is_single_forum() ) {
    		$new_title['text']   = 'YA book forum' ;
    		$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( 'YA book Forum', 'bbpress' );
     return $new_title;
    add_filter('bbp_before_title_parse_args', 'amend_title' );

    should sort it but doesn’t, and I’m too tired to work out why 🙂

    Over to you !



    @robinw – I just came across this too and thought exactly the same as you, that it needed that filter or something like that. I was trying to change the “Topic tags: ” (or something like that) bit of the tags archive pages.

    It was picking up the default taxonomy-topic-tags.php file. This must have been picked up from the plugin default theme, not mine – it’s in /extras in my theme folder but changing it there had no effect, I had to move it out of there to the root of the theme folder. This totally makes sense from a WordPress standpoint but was non-obvious because I was looking in the bbPress folder in my theme.

    ANYWAY it’s sorted now but if someone else comes across it, check for some hidden template. I couldn’t get that filter to work for anything. I tried very very hard to make it work. It didn’t.

    – what you can do is make a new page and make the permalink your forum root. So my forum root (in settings) is forums and the page is at Then use the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode. The gotcha is that this page will *only* use the bbPress template, I think – you can’t make a custom template for it. I might be misremembering that, but I do know you can’t change the default template. Someone tried to tell me this was a good thing, whatever.

    Doing it this way is nice because then you can write an intro like:

    Hi! Welcome to our forums. Dive right in. Post a lot, whoo!




    @saulmarq – I didn’t read your second post and completely misunderstood. I use Yoast SEO and set the page title there.



    Hi Folks,

    i came across the same problem. To prevent bbpress adding a prefix ala “Forum: lalala” to the meta title do this:

    function my_generate_titles( $new_title ){
            // reset the format to title only
    	$new_title['format'] = '%s';
    	return $new_title;
    add_filter( 'bbp_before_title_parse_args', 'my_generate_titles' );

    you can query your title data within the function and set the $new_title[‘text’] var with the value you want to display

    Rgds from Germany,

    in terms of programming (considering it is almost year 2015 and how important SEO is), lacking a proper method of adding/editing title of main forum page is a disaster.



    Thanks ernst – prefix deleted.
    Now another problem . To the title of each post is added at the end of the name of the blog. How to delete this part ? To remain only the title of the post without additives.

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