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cannot select DB

  • bedfordbear


    sorry guys but looked through some of the other answers related to this and it goes way over my head.

    i created a mySQL dB through cpanel it’s called bbpress when i look at the databases then it is now called rogermby_bbpress do i use this full string as the dbname?

    same with the user bbadmin is now rogermby_bbadmin

    the password i entered when i made the db do i just add this (in plain text exactly) along with the other info above to the config.php file?

    when i look in my wp-config.php on one of my wordpress installs it uses the rogermby_wrdp1 as the database name and user!?

    i did all the simple steps but all i get is cannot select DB. i am installing on a subdomain is that an issue?

    ok forget that something changed and it works :) i have the same problem with wordpress sometimes if i leave a problem in the night and come back in the morning its fixed, you think my network operator or somebody caches something and i cant clear it?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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