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  • Hello All

    I am currently experiencing an issue where when viewing my forums, every post has no content in it. You can however see the content when you are trying to edit the post, or when you look from the backend admin menu.

    I have tried changing themes, deactivating my plugins, using a fresh install of bbpress but nothing so far has helped.

    Anyone with any ideas on why this might be happening?

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  • David


    @Trobee, are you able to view each Topic’s page (and it’s just empty)? Also, did you add the Topics via the admin or from the front-end form?

    I can view each topic page, and you can see all the metainfo about the topic creator, as well as for the replies, but where the content should be there is just a blank box. I have checked with an inspector and the text is definately missing, and not just hidden on invisible.

    I have topics that have been created both from the back and front ends



    I had a different but potentially related issue in which I noticed that if I deleted and recreated a forum and only added topics from the public-facing forum page the issue went away.

    I don’t know that this would help you but since you’ve already gone so far in your trouble-shooting as you have I’d be interested in seeing if your problem was resolved by having forums without any admin-added topics. If it helps then I think that would point to a bug in the admin-added topics.

    By the way I’m assuming you’re using bbPress 2.0 (the plugin).

    I am using bbPress 2.0 and in the end I managed to recover the posts by exporting the tables I wanted to keep from the database, nuking the database and the wordpress install and installing it again.

    Still have no idea how it happened though



    This sounds exactly like my problem. Is there a way to resolve without re-installing wordpress. That sounds like it has the potential to wind up being a ton of work to my existing WP site. Help appreciated!



    @ohmydarling, before you take more work-intensive steps I would start by deleting the specific forum in which the topics aren’t showing up. Then recreate the forum and reenter any topics you want to be back in that forum. As I mentioned above, that worked for me.

    I did notice that the forum in which I was having trouble included topics that I had created in the WP admin vs in the forum front-end so you might try just using the front-end to create forums for now and see if that helps.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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