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Cannot post in topics

  • I discovered this problem today and it’s so frustrating I don’t know what causes it:

    On most topics I can only see the first post per page. I can turn the page, but only the first one shows up on that particular page. Nothing under the post shows up, not even the html tags are put out. The HTML just ends with ‘[less_than]li id=”post-1218″ class=”alt”[greater_than][less_than]div id=”position-‘.

    I later discovered that I can only see a finished, normally rendered page if only one post shows up (e.g. the items per page is set to 15 and there are 16 posts on the topic and I’m on the last page).

    The reply section only shows up if the above condition is met and I’m on the last page. After I send my post, it makes the number of posts on that page 2, so again, I can only see the first one and nothing below it.

    I was using version 1.0.2 with the Ajaxed Quote 1.2, Allow Images 0.9, bbPM 1.0.1, Private Forums 5.0 and reCAPTCHA bbPress 0.2 plugins when I discovered the problem.

    Shortly after that I updated to bbPress 1.0.3 thinking that a file might got corrupted, but the problem hasn’t been solved.

    The strange thing is that I didn’t update or change anything in bbPress since yesterday (when it was working correctly).

    I have no control for the phpversion, this is on a server I bought access to, so this might have got updated. phpinfo says: version 5.2.17-0.dotdeb.0

    I was searching in the database too for a potential malitious comment (because I have had spam users despite using captcha) but I haven’t found any. Plus the nature of the problem doesn’t hint to that. (I can see all posts if I set the items per page to 1).

    MySQL version: 5.1.49-3

    BTW, everything in the admin area and besides this problem seems to be working just fine.

    Please help me.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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