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Cannot post html examples anymore

  • I have a forum running as an appendix to the wordpress blog we have at and people love it.

    Now after upgrading WP to version 2.5.1 it seems like all my html examples in the forum are being ruined when I try to add something. Right after installing the forum I did a post where wrote a post about how to use som of the html codes available and it worked nicely with the backtick to keep bbPress from formatting.

    When I tried to modify something yesterday by editing the post, all the html examples in backticks were destroyed and I cannot get the backtick to work again.

    If anybody can recommend a starting point for me to debug this, it will be appreciated.

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  • chrishajer


    Is it related to using a language file? I seem to recall a problem people would posting HTML while using a language file. Can you change yours temporarily and see if you can post HTML again?

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