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Cannot logout of WordPress due to cookies

  • quagmire1973


    I have been using WordPress for a long time and I finally decided to integrate BBPress into my WordPress blog. The integration worked very well and I was able to get the cookies to work correctly to avoid folks from having to log in twice.

    The problem I am having has to do with the fact that I can no longer log out of WordPress. I have tried every combination of things I can think of and nothing has worked. This only started AFTER I modified the wp-config & bb-config to include the cookie information. If I remove that info from my wp-config file, I am able to logout fine but it obviously breaks the integration. No plugins are affecting this as I have already tried playing with disable/enable to solve the issue and it did not help. It definitely seems to be related to the cookie modifications.

    Has anyone else had this same issue?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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