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Cannot login, Hide forum

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  • Also yes… I’m integrated with WP using the integration plugin I found here.

    No problem zapata. To get rid of the register link, you need to download login-form.php from /bb-templates/ and then edit it as follows:

    Change this part from:

    <p><?php printf(__('<a href="%1$s">Register</a> or log in'), bb_get_option('uri').'register.php') ?>:</p>

    to get rid of the register, you could just comment out this line or change the wording:

    <! -- <p><?php printf(__('<a href="%1$s">Register</a> or log in'), bb_get_option('uri').'register.php') ?>:</p> -->

    Once you have edited that file, upload it to a new folder (if it doesn’t exist already in root) /my-templates/ as bbPress will use that file first and if it doesn’t exist, go back to the one in /bb-templates/

    As for the registering with WordPress, I was only referring to the abilitity to turn on or off registration in WP admin. If you turn it off, then you can add the members you want through the admin.

    That should get you going!


    Trent, Your advise resolved the issue. No more registration links. Thank You!!!

    Future request: is there a way to tick mark a box that says Notify me of replies… that way authors don’t have to log in to the forums to check for replies and can be notified of it by email.

    Notification of posts that you mark as ‘favorite’ in your profile:

    All notifications of all replies to all topics:


    – Fantastic!!! Installed it and will be playing with it.

    Just noticed a problem… the users login name shows up next to what they are posting instead of the Display name or Nickname… is there a way to change their names to Display name or Nickname.

    Wow… that worked too… but I notice one thing (and it has nothing to do with the plugin, for I noticed this before I installed it)…

    In case of members it shows member name and the word member below it next to the posts.



    but in case of admin it was showing the reverse way:



    now after installing this plugin it shows me this:



    just wanted to see if this is the way it is supposed to work… or perhaps it should not be doing this.

    The Notification Plugin isn’t working… I’m trying the plugin where you will receive notification if you add a topic to your favorites… but I am not receiving any emails even after authors reply to the topic… any suggestions as to where I should look for a cure…

Viewing 9 replies - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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