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cannot get bpress import forums + topics + replies to a new website to work

  • Anonymous User 13302461


    Old website had virus, doing a new install plus migrate forums, posts, topics, pages, users etc.

    Using wordpress export/import feature.

    Import forums, works.
    Import topics, works, can see them in admin, or with URL,
    but they dont show on the front end. ALso the topic count per forum is correct.
    Import replies, works, can see replies count, and can view the reply with URL or in admin, but they dont show on the front end!

    Clicking any forum shows “123 posts in this forum”
    but shows the forum as being empty.

    Now the worse part, repairing options make it worse. Repaired counts per topic r forum, and it goes to zero!

    Theyre still viewable in admin area though.

    Any ideas please?

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