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Cannot click comment field or leave comment

  • Danpajosite



    I have a strange thing going on on my site. When I want to leave a comment below a blog post it is not possible for me to click the WYSIWYG editor field. I cannot type any comment. Not as an Administrator or normal user.

    After searching a lot I have noticed that the setting “Add a toolbar and buttons to text boxes to help in HTML format is causing this strange behaviour.

    When I turn this setting off I can type a comment. When I turn it on again its not possible anymore to click the comment field.

    How to solve this because the buttons are needed. With the seettings turned on I can only leave a commment after hitting F5 multiple times.

    To see an example go to click here its a dutch article but that doesnt matter.

    At this moment it is not possible to leave a comment. I have turned “Add a toolbar and buttons to text boxes to help in HTML format” on. You can use for login

    login: testpiet
    pass: test123

    Let me know when you want me to turn the bbpress setting off.

    Or how I can solve this.



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