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Cannot administrate the forum anymore, please help

  • Oazar



    I have been using your plugin for 6 months or so.

    Meanwhile I had security problems, hackers trying to get in and so on. So I changed my login + password, and destroyed the old one, just in case….

    But I forgot to change the administration rights on the forum before I did so, and now I cannot administrate the settings anymore, and the forum tabs don’t appear in the dashboard anymore.

    the forum does exist, I can moderate the conversations on the front (I suppose because I am the website administrator), but that’s it. I can’t create a new forum, well don’t have access to all the options in the back office anymore.
    If I click on Settings, I have a message saying I don’t have the rights to access to the options page, but nobody else has…

    Any idea how I could fix this problem without doing it allover again ??

    thanks for your help.

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