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Cannot access bb-admin

  • I just installed WordPress 3.0.1 in the root for an addon domain for my hosting. I installed bb-press 1.0 in a sub directory called forum. I intergrated with wordpress durring the install, that seems to have worked, bbpress shows me as logged in, but when I click on the admin link it just reloads the bbpress mainpage. When I try to go directly to the bb-admin by typing the path in it does the same.

    Any ideas what would be causing this and how to fix?

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  • -1 point for me.

    Two threads down there is soemthing about this, while the specifics of their situation diffred they were told to logout then log back in. I tired this and it worked.

    Ok so here’s what I’ve noticed in the past hour or two.

    If I logged in via bbpress the admin link works, if I logged in via wordpress it does not.

    Now I can just logout and login via bbpress to access the admin which is an ok workaround but I want to know why its not working when I login via wordpress.

    I also cannot use moderation functions like sticky a topic, or close a topic if I logged in via WordPress even though I see the links to do those actions. Everything though works fine if I logout and login using bbPress’ login.



    It’s a known issue. I’m not sure why it is or if anyone has resolved it.



    try bbpress integration plugin on WordPress side. It will tell you to add some lines in your wp-config.php, do so and see if that resolves it.

    I fixed it. I proceeded to do more digging following the link from chrishajer then following more links, followed by a google search. THis is what I eneded up doing.

    I tired so many things idk if it was just one of the things or the combination of both of these that fixed it.

    But first I went to and got new keys for wordpress, I replaced all the old code in wp-config with the ones this script generated. Next I went to bb-config and copied these keys there, overwriting what was previously specified. I then added “BB_” to the begining of the name of what I was defining.

    Next I added

    define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

    to both wp-config and bb-config.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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