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Can you over-use a repair tool in bbress?

  • daoist


    I got someone to create a plugin to post posts onto the forum, but it never recognizes the users, so voice count stays 1 even though 10 people have messaged.

    Repair tool helps – so I was thinking of making it auto-repair using the repair tool, so it stays accurate.

    Would this have any negative impact on any other area if the repair tool is used like once or twice a day?

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  • Hi,
    The recalculation is not breaking anything, so you can run it every 5 minutes if you want. The only thing is the performance: It scans some tables in the database so if you have a very busy forum, the moment you run the query, it might have a slight impact on performance.

    So only run the repair query that is really needed whenever it’s needed.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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