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Can you only use the LOOP once per page.

  • if you goto the frontpage.php at… on the side bar to the right, (which is the footer.php) there is an extra loop that shows the instant classifed forums (in the black box)…

    however if i click on any topic or any page on the site… that loop stops displaying the topics of that forum..

    how come ?

    this is the code im using for the loops in that black box (which is the same code for all the forums on the frontpage)

    <h3 style="color: red;"><?php forum_name(4); ?></h3>
    if ( $topics )
    foreach ( $topics as $topic)
    if ($topic->forum_id=="4")
    <br />- <?php bb_topic_labels(); ?> <a style="font-weight:bold; color: white;line-height: 2.5em;" href="<?php topic_link(); ?>"><?php topic_title(); ?></a><?php topic_page_links(); ?>
    <br /><br /><a id="sub-link" href="<?php bb_uri(); ?>forum/instant-classified"> View all General Topics</a>

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  • the right sidebar is just the footer.php

    Sam Bauers


    Because the loop relies on the $topics global being set by the base index.php file.

    $topics = get_latest_topics(false, $page);

    You can add this to your template if you like just above that loop, to make sure $topics is always available…

    if ( !isset( $topics ) ) {
    $topics = get_latest_topics( false, 1 ); // Only fetch the first page

    thanks sam it works.

    now i can loop through certain forums anywhere on the site.

    many thanks for everything.

    guys check it out

    you can do anything with bb-press.

    Its just code that works. Real power is the pluggable nature of bbPress & WordPress which lets you add almost any functionality without bloating the code for mass consumption.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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