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Can you delete posts from database?

  • Ok, I know I can delete posts. And, it works fine. However, the posts are still there in the admin section. What if, to keep space free, I want to delete the deleted posts, is this possible?

    I know they are “deleted” because they don’t show on the forum anymore when they are “deleted”, however, they are still in the database, because you can still view them from the admin section.

    Is there a plug-in, if not could someone create a plug-in, that would allow you to either “delete” a post (and still have it show in the admin section like it currently works) or it would also allow you to TOTALLY 100% delete the post from your database so it is nowhere.

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  • I can confirm this bug.

    Yes, could someone PLEASE, I’m begging :), someone please make a plug in that will allow you to TOTALLY 100% delete a post…

    I don’t think a plugin to do that has been written and begging on the forums might not get it written anyways as the “space” that deleted posts take in the database is extremely low and is unlikely to ever become a problem. As well, it is not a bug, but a feature :)


    Yeah, you’re right, it is a feature I guess… but hey I didn’t call it a bug at least :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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