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Can you assign the "Create New Topic" link to a specific forum?

  • KostRev


    Is there a way to programmatically assign the “Create New Topic” link to the Forum from where it was created? For example, on this website ( if you are in the “Troubleshooting” forum and choose “Create New Topic” it would seem best to default to the forum you are currently in (Troubleshooting) rather than, in this case, Installation.

    Is there a way to pass the forum id to the dropdown menu?

    Thanks for any input.

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  • Robin W


    I thought that’s what it did in default mode.

    If you are using shortcodes, then you have options

    [bbp-topic-form] – Display the ‘New Topic’ form where you can choose from a drop down menu the forum that this topic is to be associated with.
    [bbp-topic-form forum_id=$forum_id] – Display the ‘New Topic Form’ for a specific forum ID.

    Otherwise come back with a url where this isn’t happening



    Thanks. I sort of figured that out after removing my custom templates. Not sure where I got the code for form-topic.php because it was very different from the default and that made the difference.

    Thanks for the tip on the shortcode. That alone would have helped some of my troubleshooting.

    Robin W


    Great – glad you’re sorted

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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