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Can We moderate Posts in BBpress

  • hello, Is it possible to moderate posts in BBpress.I have BBpress installed but when i tried putting up a post as a memeber, the post comes up on the forum, it seems that there is no moderation of the posts by the moderator.can anyone suggest what i can do to moderate my post in my website.Thanks.

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  • Do you want to be able to approve topics/posts before they even appear on your site?

    If so, this plugin is great but it only works with earlier versions of bbPress:

    I don’t think there’s a “hold for approval” moderation plugin that works with 1.0? But if someone knows of one, please post a link! It’s come up a few times in the past few weeks…

    i got this plugin, but the problem is i have bbpress 1.0.2. And it doesn’t seem to work. I want to be able to apprrove posts before they even appear on my site.Thanks johnhiler. more suggestions please for bbpress 1.0.2.Thanks

    I don’t think a v 1 plugin exists that can do that?

    If someone doesn’t suggest one, your best bet would be to hire a developer to adapt the plugin to work for version 1.0+…



    Hi there. Has anyone found a plugin for bbpress that allows moderation of all posts prior to them being published as per karma1981’s description? Or is there a work around that achieves a similar thing – such as advancing the Bozo feature?

    Alternatively has anyone spent any time investigating how complex the job would be to make the plugoin mentioned by johnhiler ( work in upto date versions of bbpress?



    I am seriously bamboozled as to why this hasn’t been developed into a functioning, up to date plugin for versions 1.x+

    For some people/organisations it’s imperative that comments on the forum are moderated before they go live. In some situations this smacks of censorship, but for my client it’s vital that only approved comments are posted.

    Can some bright spark PLEASE build on the seemingly ideal bb-moderation-hold plugin?



    Does your client have funds to hire someone to upgrade the plugin?

    That’s probably his or her best best… it probably wouldn’t be that expensive either.



    I have implemented moderation queues in my private trunk version of zaerl Visibility. I have planned to bundle this feature in the upcoming public 0.2 version.

    Basically speaking on the new version you can specify that new topics and new posts must be hidden by default and that they can be reset (in this case “approved”) by moderators through the admin panel. It functions already but I will release the 0.2 only after exaustive beta-testing _and_ if I got positive feedbacks.




    Hey zaerl, how long till version 0.2 is out?



    Any other updates on how you can moderate posts prior to them getting published? I think this is one of the “MOST” basic function that one expects from a good forum software. I am surprised that such a basic function is missing from this software including some very basic profile features.

    I think it is important that the developers/owners of bbpress write/disclose this (lack of features) clearly on the homepage of the site so everyone will know what they are going to deal with once they install the software. Would save someone who absolutely requires these basic features a lot of time.

    I spent quite a few days installing and configuring the software only to find out later that such simple features are missing and there is no way to install them except by hiring a high end developer and spending loads of money.

    The software in its current form is great for running an internal/private/inhouse forum but not a public forum.

    No need to bump an old thread.

    Check out this

    Please create a new topic if you have more questions.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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