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Can someone integrate bb w/ wp for me?

  • providencebooks


    I would like to know if someone can install and integrate BBpress with my WordPress site. I know that people install wordpress on non-commercial sites for free. My site is a blog for professionals, that I may ad some advertising just to pay for the site space. Can someone help me?

    However I read ( atomAstro wrote) that there were some problems with integrating it. Any suggestions? I don’t know much about php and the like. I know minimal html and most of that has been depracated (I assume).

    I am good at following instructions though. As long as they are step by step :-)

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  • fel64


    Perhaps someone can, but probably it’s unnecessary. :) I think adding ads does make it commercial, but that’s pedantism. We could tell you how to fill out your config.php for you and the rest is veeeery likely plain sailing. Did you install your own wordpress?

    Off the top of my head required info is the URL you want the forum at, if you want ugly URLs ( ?topic_id=59), pretty (/topic/59 I think?) or awesome (/glorified-notebook-discussion-thread/), the absolute path to your wordpress install, and your Akismet key (it’ll be in your wordpress wp-config.php file). Database info you’ll be able to copy from wp-config yourself plus it’s stupid to publish such a thing on a forum.

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