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Can only post new topic at “parent” forum level, not “child”

  • karlbenn73


    Hi All

    I’m still new to BBPress and to WordPress if I’m to be honest…

    I am using the Woo Storefront Theme.

    I have created a new page on my website and called it “forum” and then used the
    [bbp-forum-index] shortcode on that page.

    1. I have installed a plugin that allows me to turn off my page title but for some reason BBPress seems to be overriding this feature which is working fine on all my other pages? How do I turn my page title off within BBPress?

    2. I have also set up a few forums, one of them called “School Community Discussion”
    Inside this “parent” forum I have created two child forums called “Michael Mount Waldorf School” and “Moore House Academy”

    When I click on one of the child forums to post a new topic, there is no “new post” window for me to add a new post. This window is only available at the parent forum level!? How do I resolve this?

    3. I must say that I’m dumbfounded that BBPress doesn’t have a “Post new Topic” button that will allow you to click and then select whichever forum you want to post into from a dropdown menu. I there any way to create a button like this?


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