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Can not post ‘New Topic in this Forum’

  • Hello, we just installed over here:

    Everything fine so far, except one thing.. when inside a forum, we can’t post using the “New Topic in this Forum” field since we get a “This topic has been closed” error page, but we can post just fine by using the “Add New” button.

    Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


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  • _ck_


    My guess would be a bug with your pretty permalinks setup.

    See if it happens if you temporarily turn them off.

    If you are using multiviews, change it to real .htaccess rewrite rules.



    Problem was, I declared a variable by the name of $forum which overwrote a native variable in the system.

    My mistake people. Sorry to waste _ck_’s time.

    _ck_ – what do you think about my integration? I’m cheating because I’m not integrating the forum into the website, but the website’s header and footer into the template of bbPress.

    Do you see any major setbacks to this cheat?

    Because integrating bbPress into my website will take me days.

    I’ll appreciate your opinion on the matter,




    Looks good to me, I like the rounded edges.

    Drop the BB logo and replace it with your own and you’re all set.

    Make sure you still have the bb_head and bb_foot action hooks in your customized template, not sure if you removed them, otherwise you’ll have problems with some plugins.



    Still got them.

    I’m not a php newbie.

    Not an expert, but in a comfortable place in the middle :D

    I think I’ve pretty much got over all the bugs in the system.

    If anyone wants my style of integration – this is what I did:

    Installed bbPress in root/forums/

    in header.php of forum template put the following before everything else:

    <?php include('../lib/includes/header.php');//Website template ?>

    in header.php of your own website:

    $forumexplode = explode('/', $_SERVER);

    if($forumexplode == "forums")




    #You can also put in here you own, relative path style sheets from the main website.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bb_stylesheet_uri(); ?>" type="text/css" />

    <?php if('rtl' == bb_get_option('text_direction')) : ?>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bb_stylesheet_uri( 'rtl' ); ?>" type="text/css" />

    <?php endif;






    Anything you want to load from normal relative path (if not forums)





    <body id="<?php ($forumexplode == "forums" ? bb_location() : ""); ?>">

    in footer.php of forum template put the following after everything else:

    <?php include('../lib/includes/footer.php');//Website template ?>

    I also prefixed all the forum template’s XHTML id tags with forum_ so they won’t mess with my website’s structure.

    After you’ve done all that, you’re free to style your forum via the css file in the templates directory like you would normally, as well as the structure via the other files.

    And your website, via your own stylesheets.

    Or you can load everything from either stylesheet as long as you remember to load them from their relative path in the header.

    Hope this helps someone ;P

    Peace everyone, hope bbPress will release a version soon which will be easier to integrate.

    Because my system doesn’t really allow for easy user authentication integration on the rest of the website. Can be circumvented via regular user auth integration but that’s more work.

    SMF (Simple Machines Forum) has ssi.php file which you just load into any page and everything is integrated right there and then. Maybe in future versions?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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