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can not manage bbPress after installation

  • yokemate


    I have install and activated the bbPress plugin with no issue.

    By looking at the All Users, I can see I am an Administrator for Site Role, and Keymaster for Forum Role.

    If I log in with another Administrator, and change my role for Forum Role to “No Role for These Forums”, after I log into my account again, I would be able to see 3 menus “Forums”, “Topics”, “Replies” on the admin panel. However, after I click anyone of them, I will be leading to a page with “Cheatin’ uh?” message.

    is there anyone has the same issue?

    best regards

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  • Robin W


    What do you want to happen?

    The ‘cheating’ message sometimes comes about if you have multiple windows open with different access levels.

    Setting to ‘no role’ prevents the admin user accessing these areas.

    It’s quite probable that if you shut down all windows, and the go in again, you’ll not see these areas, which of course ot what the setting should do.

    Come back if that’s not clear !

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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