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Can not access Forums in Admin/Dashboard –

  • I installed bbPress and created 8 forums and several topics. All was good. I added the bbPress Attachment plugin and now I can no longer access the forums in admin. I can see and edit topics in the admin and on the front end I can see the forums and add/see topics. I just can not access the forums to add, edit, delete on the admin. The link to Forums does not show up on the Admin navigation.

    I am running:

    WordPress 3.3.1

    bbPress Version 2.0.2

    The issue seemed to start after I added the plugin got bbPress Attachments. However, I deleted the plugin (both bbPress and bbPress Attchment) and just reinstalled bbPress.

    On another website I used the same template and added both bbPress and bbPres Attachment and it works fine. I also switched to a bbPress (Twenty ten) and had the same issue.

    Before I had these problems, I edited the Archive Slugs and Single Slugs several times here (Settings >> Forums)

    Currently the slugs are set at:




    I do have the warnings: Possible bbPress conflict: Forum slug

    However, I get warning no matter what I put in these fields.

    Any suggestions?

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  • I am considering adding the plugin WP-DBManager and cleaning up the Database and unused tables. Do you think this is useful and could help?




    I have the same issue with the admin forum links. For now I have added a plugin bbPress Admin Bar. At least I have access.

    I don’t know if it is related but I am also having a problem with the attachments showing up in the forums. I am just getting the [attachment, etc] but the link is not there.

    I will be watching this to see if someone can help us.

    BTW – I had several links in Admin that weren’t working and John helped me with them. You might try it. – Delete all your cookies relating to your site and try the link(s) again. It corrected all of mine except for the Forum(s) link(s).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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