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Can Keymasters be limited to one forum?

  • sruddy


    Hi All,
    I have given a user Keymaster level however there have been problems with him not adhering to my guidelines on what they can change. If I could restrict their keymaster level to one individual forum and it’s subforum this would solve my dilemma! 🙂 Can this be done?

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  • Robin W


    you can set moderators to have just one forum – what is he doing that he needs keymaster access to the forum?



    Nice I will knock him back to moderator but how do I restrict him to specific forums and keep him as participant on the rest?

    The reason I made him keybaster was because at moderator level he said he could not see the Forums in the sidebar so he could add new ones. He shared his screen and indeed it wasn’t there until I made him Keymaster.

    Robin W


    ok, so to restrict :

    dashboard>forums>all forums>edit the forum you want>right hand side you will find a box called ‘Forum Moderators’ add his name

    Then make him a participant.

    see thsi for role fresponsibilities

    bbPress User Roles and Capabilities

    I’m not sure that this wil let him create forums – but I suppose I would ask if he is that dangerous, maybe that’s something he should be asking you to do 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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